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Soyuz 1/1400 Scale
Item #: DA-1408 Model Length: 6.5 in / 16 cm

Notes: The original pattern is another Catalyst Creations 3D mesh.  Decal sheets include 3 different names & registries, Bozeman, Collins, Soyuz, and the kit comes with 19 pressure-cast parts and a display stand.  For a VERY limited time, this kit includes an authentic Starcraft Miranda hull and nacelles, so you can get started right away!  This is a complete kit - a conversion ONLY kit will be offered at a later date. 3D mesh by Catalyst Creations.  

Out of Stock

Phobos 1/1400 Scale
Item #: DA-1407 Model Length: 8.25 in / 21 cm

Notes: Catalyst Creations designed the 3D mesh for this 1/1400 kit, but it's very similar to the 1/1000 scale hand-crafted version.  The decal sheets include 3 different names & registries (Phobos, Luna, Iotia) and wallpaper decals for the top and bottom of the saucer for easy detailing.  Kit comes with 5 pressure-cast parts and a display stand.  3D mesh by Catalyst Creations.

Surak-Class 1/1400 Scale
Item #: DA-1406 Model Length: 9.75 in / 25 cm

Notes: New 3D designed model comes with 11 pressure-cast parts and display stand.  The mesh designed by Gizmotron is the same as used for the Delta Quadrant 1/2500 and 1/1000 scale Surak kits.  If you paint it a golden brown color, you can make the Ni'Var variant.
Out of Stock

Hideki 1/1400 Scale
Item #: DA-1405 Model Length: 3 in / 8.5 cm

Notes: Remastered model includes corrected details, and innaccurate scribed lines have been filled.  A decal set replaces the original scribed lines and the colors are closely based on the look of the studio model.  Original pattern by Nova Hobbies.

Antares-class Freighter 1/1400 Scale
Item #: DA-1402 Model Length: 3.25 in / 8.5 cm

Notes: Parts allow for assembly of only one (1) model, but can be built with the crew module attached, or as a drone without the module. Comes with 3 choices for names and registries - Antares, Yorkshire, and Woden.


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