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Breen 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1007 Model Length: 12.5 in / 31.5 cm

Notes: Another kit from the vault that was commissioned by a former kit maker and not released until now. Lots of details here that you can mask and paint, and the decals are emblems.   The build photos shown here are of an incomplete build that still needs more detail painting.  Kit comes with 18 pressure-cast parts and a display stand with a cradle that allows you to set the model in place without drilling any extra holes. 

Insectoid 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1006 Model Length: 7 in / 18 cm

Notes: Just like the 1/1000 Primate, this Insectoid was commissioned by a former kit maker but never released until now.  Painting is fairly straight-forward, and the decals really make the kit "pop".  Kit comes with 20 pressure-cast parts, decal sheets, and a beautiful acrylic display stand.

Surak 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1005 Model Length: 13.5 in / 35 cm

Notes: It's been years since this kit was available from another kit maker, but it's back now.  The warp ring is solid, but the primary hull of the kit is hollow allowing for lighting.  Kit comes with 13 pressure-cast parts and a display stand. 

Primate 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1004 Model Length: 8 in / 20.5 cm

Notes: Commissioned by a former kit maker but never released until now. Lots of details here that you can mask and paint, and the decals are fairly simple and easy to apply.  Kit comes with 9 pressure-cast parts and a beautiful acrylic display stand. 

Interceptor 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1003 Model Length: 11.25 in / 29 cm

Notes: Beautiful detail that pops out after being painted, and the hull is hollow so you can light it up.   Now with a corrected set of decals for the wings and the lettering.  Parts are pressure cast and kit includes the display stand seen in the photos.

Soyuz Conversion 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1002 Model Length: 8.25 in / 21 cm

Notes: This is a CONVERSION kit only, and requires Round2/Polar Lights kit.  The rear portion of the hull with the third shuttlebay is HOLLOW, for those who enjoy lighting up their kits.  Kit includes 19 pressure-cast parts, styrene strip, and decals with 3 ship names and some optional details.  3D mesh by Catalyst Creations.

Phobos 1/1000 Scale
Item #: DA-1001 - Only - 2 - kits left! - Model Length: 12 in / 30 cm

Notes: This kit was originally sold through Timeslip Creations.  The decal sheets have been expanded and now include 3 different names & registries (Phobos, Luna, Iotia) and a whole bunch of additional details including windows.  Decals are also available seperately for those who have the old Timeslip kit but want the extras, or for those who just want an extra set for kit bashing.  Pattern by Scott Spicer.


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