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   Information about Multi-Verse Models, LLC.

Contacting Multi-Verse Models, LLC

      To contact Multi-Verse Models, you can PM me at any of the forums located to the right - my screen name is "Del", or you can send inquiries to info(at)mvmodels(dot)biz (Spambots have been scouring my pages and flooding my e-mail account.  Simply replace the blue words in the parentheses with the appropriate symbol.)

Mailing Address is:

Multi-Verse Models, LLC
PO Box 3502
Lawton, OK 73502

      You can also check out Multi-Verse Models on Facebook -      

Ordering Kits

      The online shopping cart feature will accept payment from your PayPal account, and Credit Card transactions processed by PayPal.  If you would like to make your purchase with a Money Order or Personal Check, please contact us via e-mail or PM so that shipping charges can be calculated, and you will be provided with a total cost.  For Personal Checks, kits will ship 2 weeks after receipt of the check.  All other orders ship within 3 - 5 business days after receipt of the order.  

Shipping Charges

      Shipping costs are ridiculous these days, and they keep going up every year.  To ensure that packaging supplies and shipping costs are covered, the charge to you may be higher than the actual cost.  It's pretty close to accurate for Europe and Asia, and shipping within the USA and its territories should be correct in most cases. However, if there's a significant difference in charges versus costs, we'll refund you a portion of that charge.  For international shipments, please remember that your government's Customs agency may charge you an import fee before releasing the package to you.

Shipping Locations

      Every effort will be made to ship kits to anywhere in the world.  So far, MVM kits have been shipped to the below listed countries.  Countries with a strikethrough currently have service disruptions and cannot be shipped to at this moment.  If it's with a red strikethrough, sales to that location are permanently suspended.  Most European nations have long delays for delivery while being held in Customs for up to 1-2 months.

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada
England France Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Kazakhstan
Mexico Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Peru Russia Scotland Singapore South Korea
  Spain   Switzerland  

      While producing a few new kits, MVM is also dedicated to bringing a lot of older kits back to market.  The philosophy behind this is to make each kit "just a little bit better" than when it was previously produced.  Not only does that mean that most kits will be remastered to some degree, but decals will also be enhanced, or designed from scratch for the kits that never had them, such as with the Ravenstar line.  Basically, if a kit should have decals, it will have them.


      Quality is also important, and that's why we do a build-up of almost every kit BEFORE it's sold to the public.  This is the chance to ensure that the parts and decals fit together properly, and that the kit is an enjoyable build.  While we try our best to prevent bubbles in the resin, there may be a few in your kits.

Production Timeline

      Due to the sheer number of kits waiting to be produced, it's not possible to provide a date for the release of each kit.  If you have a favorite that you would like to see produced soon, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can fit it into the schedule at the top of the list.


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