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V-Wing 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR712 Model Length: 4 in / 10 cm

Notes: This kit was originally sold by Fantastic Plastic years ago.  Basically the same kit as previously released, but now comes with a vacu-formed canopy and resin frame, new more detailed decal sheet, and a new pilot.  Complete kit contains 26 pressure-cast parts, with optional solid viewport or viewport frame with vacuformed insert, decal sheet, and display stand.  This kit was not remastered, but just improved slightly.   Therefore, it's a little more fiddly in a couple of places than other Kessel Run kits, which requires more patience than usual to build, so the price is set a little lower to help compensate for that.  However, the end result can be a beautiful model for your shelf.  Original pattern by Al Wong. 


TIE Crawler 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR711 Model Length: 4.5 in / 12 cm

Notes: Originally sold by JPG, but now available from Kessel Run.  The base kit has been upgraded slightly so that the end track parts are pre-shaped to fit better. This is a complete kit that is the same size as the Finemolds 1/72 scale TIE Fighter kits.  Complete kit contains 15 pressure-cast parts, with optional solid viewport or viewport frame with vacuformed insert, and a decal sheet.  Original pattern by Stefan Hacker. 

TIE Crawler - Bandai Conversion
1/72 Scale
Item #: KR711-B

Notes: New parts were created so that it can be sold as a conversion kit for Bandai, which would require a Bandai TIE Fighter or TIE Intercepter as donor parts (Will -NOT- work with First Order kit parts).  The TIE Fighter parts shown here are for reference only and not included in the kit.  Conversion kit includes 12 pressure-cast parts and a decal sheet.  Original pattern by Stefan Hacker. 


Desert Creeper 1/144 Scale
Item #: KR401 Model Length: 10.5 in / 27 cm

Notes: Contains 38 parts which are all pressure-cast, but the center and forward pieces are redesigned so that they're mostly hollow.  Includes detailed instructions for assembly.  Shipping is higher for this kit as it weighs in at about 4 pounds / 2 kilos with all packaging included.  Pattern by Jesus Luna Gomez. 


Scimitar Bomber 1/144 Scale
Item #: KR402 Model Length: 4.75 in / 12 cm

Notes: Previously sold by Al Wong, this kit now comes with decals to make completing the details much easier.  Kit includes 7 pressure cast parts, display stand, and decal sheet that comes with options and extras.  Decals also available separately on the Decal page for those who already have the kit.  Pattern By Al Wong.


Echo Fighter 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR703 Model Length: 6 in / 15 cm

Notes: Remastered canopy and engines.  Kit includes decals, vacu-formed canopy insert, detailed instructions, and display stand.  Also included for a limited time is a Studio Starforge pilot.  Pattern By Model Addix.


I-7 Howlrunner 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR707 Model Length: 6.25 in / 16 cm

Notes: The I-7 Howlrunner kit was 3D designed by Nick Sagan, and includes 13 pressure-cast parts, clear vacu-formed canopy insert, and display stand.  Photos shown here are of an unfinished cockpit, which is why the pilot and canopy insert are not pictured. 3D Mesh by Nick Sagan.


Tango One-Six 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR701 Model Length: 4 in / 10 cm

Notes: Detailed instructions, decal sheet, and display stand are included.  Pattern by Matt Meyer.

Royal Guard Conversion 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR709 Model Length: - - - -

Notes: These winglets were created by Uwe Kaeding specifically to fit the Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor.  While they could also be used for the FineMolds kit, they are slightly oversized, but shouldn't matter too much unless you're a purist where proportions are concerned.  Completed Bandai build photos courtesy of Uwe Kaeding.  FineMolds kit shown with winglet for comparison.


Defender 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR708 Model Length: 4.5 in / 12 cm

Notes: Originally produced by Sovereign Replicas, and later by JBOT, the Defender is now partially remastered to include added details to the solid cockpit ball, vacu-formed viewport insert, center-wing and wingtip guns, and dowel extending from rear of cockpit through the tri-wing support to provide greater strength once assembled.  Kit comes with 20 pressure cast parts, vacu-formed viewport inserts, and a display base.

If you're wondering how this kit would look with a Bandai cockpit ball, one customer has already modified his Defender and it looks fantastic - Check it out at Keeper of the Force modeling forum Uwe Kaeding's Defender with Bandai Ball


Twin Bombardier 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR702 Model Length: 5 in / 13 cm

Notes: Remastered to include internal cockpit and new engines.  Detailed instructions and display stand are included.  Kit also comes with cockpit decals and vacu-formed viewport.  Pattern by Alfred Wong.


Chicken Walker 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR706 Variable Model Height: 4 - 5 in / 10-13 cm

Notes: You'll receive over 30 pressure cast parts, a piece of flat brass stock, and some plastic rod.  Finemolds Stormtrooper shown next to the cab is for size reference only, and is not included with this kit.  A line drawing is included to show how parts go together.  Originally produced but not commercially sold by Fantastic Plastic.  Pattern by Alfred Wong.

     Photos of completed model courtesy of Uwe Kaeding.


TIE Droid Conversion 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR710 Model Length: 4.25 in / 11 cm

Notes: Created to specifically fit the Bandai TIE kits, you might be able to make it fit the FM TIEs with a little work on the viewport cover and hatch.  Kit includes the four pressure-cast parts seen here.  No instructions included because this is simple conversion you can make just by looking at these photos.   3D mesh created by Nick Sagan.  Photos of build-up courtesy of Nick Sagan.


Raptor Conversion 1/72 Scale
Item #: KR705 Model Length: - - - - -

Notes: This is a conversion kit only and requires a FineMolds 1/72 TIE Interceptor kit, but could be made using a standard TIE Fighter if you don't want the wingtip guns.  Display stand NOT included. Pattern by Jerome Roberty.



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