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Khanst'ntin'pl Multi-Scale
Item #: MVM-T-14005 Model Length: 4.5 in / 11.5 cm

Notes: The Khanst'ntin'pl is a blast from the past, originally released by Ravenstar Studios in the early 2000's and was hand-sculpted.  This ship could easily fit into almost any scale of fleet.  If your fleet is 1/1400, then it would be almost the size of a D-7 or K'Tinga.  However, at 1/2500 it would be a larger ship, and at 1/1000 it would be a bit smaller.  Kit includes the etched acrylic display stand for the first 12 orders, and a standard resin stand after that.  Decal sheet also included with lots of random choices for the builder to use.

Douglass Multi-Scale
Item #: MVM-T-14004 Model Length: 6.75 in / 17 cm

Notes: The Douglass was originally produced by Ravenstar Studios in the early 2000's and was hand-sculpted.  Based on window sizes, this ship could easily fit into either the 1/1400 or 1/1000 range.  Although a couple of areas were repaired, this is not a remastered kit. However, the model does now come with an extensive decal sheet based primarily on markings listed in the Jackill's Data Sheets BCD Era, Volume 1, with two choices for ship names - U.S.S. Douglass and U.S.S. Jackill.  Kit also includes a display stand.

D-18 1/1000 Scale
Item #: MVM-T-10004 Model Length: 9 in / 22.5 cm

Notes: The D-18 has a lot of of intricate details to allow for unique builds and paint schemes with unlimited variations.  Build your ship with either the small or large bridge module - both come with the kit.  (Large module used for the build shown here.)  Kit includes 14 pressure-cast parts, decals, and a display stand.

Charger Multi-Scale
Item #: MVM-T-14003 Model Length: 7 in / 17.5 cm

Notes: Originally intended to be 1/1400 scale, but could easily fit into your 1/1000 fleet.  Decals include 3 names and registries.  Display stand included.  Pattern by Ravenstar Studios.

D-32 Multi-Scale
Item #: MVM-T-14001 Model Length: 3.15 in / 8.0 cm

Notes: Could be built as 1/2500, 1/1400, or even 1/1000 scale by using the appropriate window decals and your own imagination as to whether it fits into your fleet.  Pattern by Ravenstar Studios.


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