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     Yeah I know, they're not models, but I have a bunch of them I don't need.   These are too difficult to estimate shipping, which is why there's no buy button listed.  So if you're interested, e-mail me and I can send you an invoice with the correct shipping for everything you want.  Please direct your e-mails to here - info@mvmodels.biz

      I'm not an expert on card quality, so some cards or sets might have dings, scuffs, or other small imperfections.  Singles are also available for a wide range of chase cards, rares, uncommons, etc.  Let me know if you're looking for something in particular and I'll check my binders.

Star Trek CCG 2-Player Game Decipher

Federation - 1 available, Klingon - 2 available.  Factory sealed boxes - $25 each.

Star Trek CCG Premiere Unlimited (White Border) Decipher

Starter Decks factory sealed box of 12 decks - 1 available $18.00, Starter Deck individual - 8 available $2.00 each, Booster Packs factory sealed box of 36 packs - 3 boxes available $18.00 each, Starter Deck 2 - only 1 available $3.00.

Star Trek CCG Expansion Sets Decipher

Alternate Universe - 3 boxes available $20.00, Q-Continuum - 2 boxes available $20.00.  All booster pack boxes are factory sealed.

Star Trek CCG Tribbles Decipher

Factory sealed 2-player games - 9 available $15.00 each, Starter Decks factory sealed box of 12 decks - 1 available $24.00, Starter Deck individual - 12 available $2.50 each (Specify Federation or Klingon) , and Booster Packs - 6 packs available $2.00 each.

Star Trek CCG Borg Decipher

Borg Booster Packs - 15 available $3.00 each.

Star Wars CCG Case Topper Decipher

An over-sized card placed at random inside cases of card boxes.  This is only one card, but photos show both sides.  Card protector included, but smaller card is shown for size comparison only and not included.   $8.00


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